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Easily capture all the information you need from your customers!

Tailor your forms to suit your business. With free text questions, single and multi-choice dropdowns menus, you'll gather all the information you need from your attendees. 


Capture vital qualification information seamlessly during the booking process.

Forms revolutionise the qualification process for businesses by seamlessly integrating into the booking journey. Prior to the appointment itself, our forms empower businesses to gather vital qualification information effortlessly.

By qualifying customers before the appointment starts, businesses can enhance efficiency, deliver personalised services, and make every interaction count.

Single & Multi-Choice Questions

Multi-Choice Dropdown Menus

 Create a list of options, and let your customers select the most relevant choices effortlessly.

Single-Choice Dropdown Menus

Simplify decision-making for your customers with single-choice dropdown menus. Present them with a curated list, making the process quick and easy.

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Seamless Booking Forms

 Our booking forms are simple to setup and designed with the user in mind.
Give your clients a simple and seamlessly way of giving your business the relevant information you need. 
Immediately improve customer interactions by allowing them to provide essential details during the booking process, ensuring a personalised experience from the outset. 
Qualification During Booking

Forms allow businesses to delve deeper, understanding customer preferences, needs, and special requests at the point of booking. Gather the information you need.

Efficient Personalisation

Our intuitive interface allows businesses to create and deploy custom forms effortlessly for each separate appointment type. Allowing personalisation and iteration fast.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Forms provide businesses with a goldmine of customer data. From preferences to specific needs, you can make informed decisions that drive growth and enhance customer satisfaction.

Other Popular Features


Meeting Rooms

Calendafy's Smart Meeting Scheduling algorithm instantly identifies and reserves the most suitable meeting room available when an appointment is booked.