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Our Vision

 The most customer friendly software company in the world.

We're not your average software company, even though our prices are competitive, we believe people buy from people, so we hire the best people, invest in them and enable them to help you (not chat bots or support tickets).

 Your Success Is Our KPI!

How Do We Implement Our Bold Vision?


Dedicated On-Shore Account Manager

Every Calendafy client, has their very own Account Manager, based in your country, who specialises in a specific industry set. They even do all the work for you, to get you up and running.

This gives you immediate support, from experts in your industry. Allowing you to leverage their knowledge to gain greater value from Calendafy. 

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We focus on Time To Value (TTV)

This is a simple metric. But we obsess over it! We want to decrease the amount of time it takes, for you to derive value from Calendafy.

Which is why we focus on getting you setup, giving you industry specific tips and tricks to help you, and automating your scheduling needs from the moment you sign up.


We built our teams in industry focused pods

To simplify that. We have mini teams that focus on certain industries. So the Sales Representative, Product Manager, Software Developer and Account Manager work in an industry pod.

Pods understand common industry challenges, and can advise you on how best to setup your Calendafy account. They also make product improvements together when industry trends change or clients need more features. Fast!

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10x Better Customer Success Than Our Peers


Our Account Managers are available anytime, by phone, email, SMS and Zoom whenever you need us. We have reward systems in place, that incentivise world class support. After all, it's our vision!


We implement new product improvements, multiple times a day. However, if you need a feature we don't have, don't be shy to ask. You'd be surprised how quick your industry pod make things happen.


We always put you, our valued customer first. We have a list of questions we ask, before making any internal business decisions. e.g. "Will this negatively impact a customer in any way?"


Our aim, is to provide such a great product and service, that you instantly get that feeling you've made a solid decision and are receiving great value. That's why we obsess on TTV.

Don't Have Time To Setup Calendafy's Appointment Scheduling Software?
Our Team Will Setup Your Account For You... FREE!

Once you sign up (even for a free trial), we'll meet with you over Zoom, understand what you want to achieve, ask some other expert scheduling questions, set everything up for you and you're ready to go. No learning how to use Calendafy, or how to set it up. We do it all for you, for free!

Don't believe a software company would do this? Give it a try and help us fulfil our vision with you today!

We Do The Research For You!

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