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Multiple Team Member Appointments

Need a colleague in a specific appointment type?

When an appointment is being booked, our smart scheduling system scans all assigned team members availability. Only time-slots where all relevant team members are available will be free to book. 


Save Time Scheduling Multiple Team Member Appointments

Assign Calendafy users to specific appointment types, when a client or internal team member books an appointment, our intelligent system scans all their available time-slots in real time and automatically reserves the appointment time for that specific appointment type, ensuring a hassle free and efficient process.

This not only eliminates the time consuming task of coordinating schedules but also ensures that your appointments are booked efficiently, whilst keeping every attendee informed. 

Collaboration Made Easy

Calendafy's Multiple Team Member feature allows for easy, automated appointment scheduling with clients, and the correct team members, at times that suit everyone

Whether it's an online meeting, in your place of business, or the clients location, our dynamic scheduler will find the optimal time for all attendees.  

Stop wasting time with unnecessary admin work, just to find a time to meet. Focus on what you do best, delivering value to your clients. 


Smart Appointment Scheduling

Calendafy's scheduling algorithm is designed to accomodate every variation of appointments that may take place. 

Some of your appointments with clients may be with one team member involved, others may have multiple team members who need to attend. 

Smart Scheduling checks all assigned team members availability and shows only the times where all assigned team members are free to attend that specific appointment type.

Improve Productivity 

Calendafy automates the time consuming process of manually coordinating team members' schedules. Intelligently scanning availability and presenting viable time-slots, eliminates the need for back-and-forth communications to find suitable appointment times.

Better Client Experiences

Smart Scheduler's ability to identify suitable time-slots where all team members are available helps reduce the chance of conflicts, or the need for rescheduling. Clients experience fewer disruptions, ensuring that their appointments proceed as planned without unexpected changes.

Enhance Team Coordination

By eliminating the need for team members to navigate multiple calendars or communication channels to schedule an appointment. Automation simplifies this process allowing team members to focus on the tasks that matter most, without the disruptions caused by conflicting appointments.

Other Popular Features


Payments for Appointments

Need to take payments for appointments prior to booking?

Calendafy's integration with Stripe enables payments from your clients at the point of booking.