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We've answered some of the most common questions we hear.


Do I need to purchase CalendafyCRM to use the Appointment Scheduling?

No, you can just use Calendafy Appointment Scheduling on its own if that's all you need and we can integrate into your existing CRM.

However, if you want CalendafyCRM and Appointment Scheduling, we can include it in your CRM licence, and it will all work together as one. 

Will I get an account manager even if I have the Basic Plan?

Yes! We are not your typical software company, where you only speak with bots or help pages. We treat every customer like our own team members. Your dedicated account manager will introduce themselves when you sign up for a free a trial to help understand what you're looking to achieve and then set it all up for you. We proactively support you, so that you can focus on what you do best and let us worry about scheduling your appointments.  No catch!

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Absolutely! Calendafy has built our reputation by putting our clients at the heart of every decision we make and we treat you the same whether you're joining or leaving. We know things change and you may no longer need Calendafy. You choose the period you want to pay for (monthly or annually), it’s as simple as that. No lock-in contracts, no hidden fees. We know the feeling of being on hold for 30 minutes just to cancel a phone plan and will never put you through that! Check our reviews out and you’ll see how much our customers love us and we love them - past and present.  

How long does it take to get Calendafy up and running?

You can setup Calendafy in just a few minutes and be ready to start taking online meetings, in-person appointments or phone calls immediately. However, if you need support in setting up your account, your account manager will have already introduced themselves and can help you with your setup if necessary. We'd recommend meeting with you Account Manager, as they will take all the work off your hands for you, but if you'd like to do it yourself, we will leave you to it and be on hand if needed. 

If I integrate my calendar, does Calendafy have access to my email account?

Absolutely not! Our calendar integration only checks the duration and available or unavailable status of the events in your calendar so that we don't get ever get double booked. We never store who you are meeting with, their email address, the meeting title, or any other details about the appointments in your connected calendar. We treat our users privacy and security with the utmost importance.

Can I accept payments from my customers when they book an appointment?

Yes. Our partnership with Stripe gives you the option to accept deposits or payments in full, before an appointment can be booked. You create your own Stripe account, create your products/services and their price, setup your nominated bank account to receive the payments, and you're ready to go. 

How does the free trial work?

It’s very simple. We want you to have the full Calendafy experience. So, for the full 14 day free trial, you and your team have full access and functionality to the Calendafy platform and Account Management team. If it doesn’t suit your needs, we close your account once the trial finishes. 

Are there any limits to how many appointments I can have?

No. The more appointments you receive, the happier we are because we love nothing more than seeing our customers being successful.

How does round-robin work for multiple staff members and appointment types?

In Calendafy, you can create rules based on how you work. If you want a fair distribution of appointments, you can create a round robin. This means that Calendafy creates a queue (of your Team Members) and when a customer books an appointment, Calendafy will search the availability of whoever was last in the queue. This gives a fair distribution of appointments across your team. If specific team members are specialists on certain services/appointments you have, you can tag that team member to that specific appointment type. This way only they will be booked for that type of service/appointment.  

We may add more team members in the future. Which plan should I choose?

You can add and invite more users from within your account at any time. If you reach your limit of users for your specific plan, no problem because you can upgrade from within your account whenever you need to.

Is Calendafy GDPR compliant?

Calendafy is proud to be an Australian company. However, since we have users globally and from the European Union, we have built Calendafy to ensure that all users receive the protection established under GDPR, as we are bound to do. Please visit our Privacy Policy for further information.

Can my customers reschedule or cancel after submitting their booking?

Absolutely! Inside the calendar invite they receive, after booking an appointment, there is a reschedule and cancellation link embedded to reduce the chance no-shows. We also send a reminder email 24 hours before their appointment and an SMS (SMS Optional) 3 hours before the appointment. 

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