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QR Codes

Want to run outdoor marketing campaigns that convert?

Calendafy's QR Codes allow you to easily download and add unique appointment QR Codes from Calendafy, to all your physical marketing material. Tailor your marketing campaigns to convert to booked appointments. 


Transform Your Physical Marketing Strategies for New Appointments

 Whether you're orchestrating comprehensive campaigns, tailoring experiences for individual users, or running targeted promotions, our dynamic QR codes are designed to be the cornerstone of your success.

Our QR Code feature was meticulously crafted to cater to every nuance of your scheduling needs, after user requests and feedback, we now provide a unique versatile solution that adapts to the unique demands of most businesses who want to allow their clients quick access to booking links through physical marketing material.

Physical Marketing Leads

QR Code Downloads

Calendafy makes it simple to integrate QR codes into your marketing materials, enabling you to engage with your audience effectively.

Easily download QR codes for specific appointments, individual users, or dedicated campaigns. 

Give your clients personalised and targeted marketing material, at the right time, that converts.

Increase Conversions

Integrated QR Codes

Generate QR Codes for individual team members, specific appointments, or directly to all your business appointment types. 

QR codes empower your clients to effortlessly schedule appointments directly from business cards, marketing materials, or any promotional material they receive.

Add to shop front windows, reception waiting areas, or any other physical locations where your clients may be

Increase Campaign Conversions 

Immediately increase campaign effectiveness and conversion rates by including Calendafy QR codes on your promotional physical content. Easily allow prospective clients to transition from your marketing collateral directly to booking appointments seamlessly. 

Instant Accessibility

Reducing the chance of distractions or getting lost in unrelated search results by getting them to type in your business name or website URL. With the QR Code, users bypass the search process entirely, and go direct to your appointment scheduling form. They also get redirected to your website after booking. 

Seamless Transitions

Integration of QR Codes into your physical marketing material creates a smooth transition from promotional content to immediate action. Users don't need to take additional steps. It's easy since the QR Code serves as a direct link, turning interest into a scheduled appointments. 

Other Popular Features

Website Redirects

Want to take your customers on a journey after they book an appointment?

Calendafy's Website Redirect allows you to take your clients on a journey to any webpage of your choice, once they've submitted their appointment booking. Take them through any user journey of your choice.