How Calendafy Integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Teams?

Streamline Appointment Scheduling with Calendafy's powerful integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams


Accelerate automation 

Calendafy's integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams revolutionises the way you and your team manage appointments and communicate with your clients. In this guide, we'll explore how Calendafy's powerful Microsoft integration can supercharge your appointment scheduling efforts, increase productivity, and transform the way you interact with your clients. 

Calendafy + Microsoft Outlook: The Perfect Pairing

Microsoft Outlook is the go to email and calendar application for millions of professionals worldwide. It's where you manage your appointments, emails, and most communication with your clients. Calendafy's integration with Outlook takes this powerful tool to the next level by automating tasks that typically take multiple back-and-forth emails to organise and at least a few minutes to setup and before pressing send on the calendar invite.

Before diving into how the integration works, we want to explain one important point about Calendafy since it'll give you more context about how the integration with your Microsoft Outlook Calendar works.

In your Calendafy account, you can setup days of the week, and certain timeslots (broken up into multiple sections of the day if you want) that you would like to take appointments e.g. Monday's 10am - 12pm, Wednesday's 9am - 11am & 2pm - 4pm etc. Your clients will only see these available timeslots on your Calendafy booking page. 

However, this only solves one aspect of your availability, because you may already have appointments in your Outlook Calendar, that Calendafy doesn't know about, and no one wants to be double booked. This is where the integration with your Outlook calendar becomes important.

Calendar synchronisation for real-time availability:  Once you've integrated Calendafy with your Microsoft Outlook Calendar, your Calendafy schedule and Outlook Calendar merge into one.

When someone visits your Calendafy booking page to schedule an appointment, any existing Outlook Calendar appointments will be automatically excluded from the available time slots. This ensures that you never double-book yourself again.

It updates in real time, so if you have an unexpected appointment come up, or you're going on holiday, just put it in your Outlook Calendar as you normally would, and Calendafy will reflect the changes in real time, meaning your clients can only ever book an appointment with you when you are truly available to take appointments. 

Automatic Calendar Invites: When you or your clients book an appointment via your on-brand Calendafy booking page, Calendafy takes care of sending out calendar invites for you, from your email address.

This gives the client the on-brand experience they expect by receiving it from your email address, and also adds the event directly to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar. No more back-and-forth emails to set meeting times, then having to send out a manual calendar invite. It's all handled and automated by Calendafy's powerful integration with Microsoft. 

Calendafy + Microsoft Teams: Efficiency Unlocked

We've all heard "Can you send me a Teams link?" at some point in the last few years. That's because Teams has become the go-to platform for internal and external meetings, file sharing and communication.

Now, envision taking your meeting scheduling to the next level with Calendafy's effortless integration with Teams, allowing you to unlock efficiencies unimaginable just a few years ago.

Automated Teams Meeting Creation: When someone wants to schedule a meeting with you, Calendafy handles it all via our integration with Microsoft Teams.

Generating a calendar invite, creating a unique Teams meeting link and sending out invitations on your behalf, right from your email address automatically, with zero human intervention needed. No more manual meeting creation, double checking everything is correct before clicking send. It's all done for you, seamlessly!

Calendafy's integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams streamlines the entire meeting and appointment scheduling process, saving you time and ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience for everyone involved.

In case you were wondering whether this was the only way we enable appointment scheduling automation through Microsoft, it's just the tip of the iceberg, we also send SMS notifications, reminder emails and much more. 

Ready to experience a smarter way to schedule meetings, appointments and events? Start your free trial today. 


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