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The Challenge

In today's unfamiliar economy of higher interest rates, admin work that never seems to end and clients who expect service to be as quick and seamless as the UberEats delivery they just ordered, steering a thriving business can feel like an uphill battle.

It's in this reality that business owners and entrepreneurs find themselves, navigating through a landscape filled with complexities, where success often hinges on the ability to adapt, innovate, and endure.

Fear not! We have worked with many businesses like yours, across a range of industries, dealing with common daily challenges to create and then iterate a solution that helps increase conversation rates across almost all channels, helps your team save hours per week, and wows your clients from the moment they interact with your business. 

The Solution 

1. Increase Conversion Rates

Simplified Booking Process Calendafy simplifies the appointment and meeting scheduling process for your clients.

Many businesses simply have a "Contact us" form, that gives no indication of when the client can expect a call back (if ever at all). Leading many visitors to abandon the search, and move onto another provider's website that makes booking an initial appointment seamless. 

Embedding Calendafy onto your website, inside your newsletters, using the Calendafy QR Codes on your marketing material, and all other marketing channels allows potential or existing clients to schedule time with you immediately, when it suits them. This smooth scheduling experience can significantly boost your conversion rates by an order of magnitude. 

A large percentage of Calendafy's booking are done after hours, or on weekends. Presumably by people at home on the sofa, rather than having to set aside time to call your office during business hours, or fill in a form on your website, only to be called back unexpectedly when they are busy. 

2. Save Time

Automated Scheduling Calendafy automates all of your typical appointment scheduling processes. Instead of manually coordinating schedules, sending multiple emails or having your clients call your office. You set your availability for appointments, integrate your calendar and Calendafy takes care of the rest. This not only saves you lots time but also reduces the risk of scheduling errors.

When you or your clients book an appointment via your on-brand Calendafy booking page, Calendafy takes care of sending out calendar invites for you, from your email address.

This gives the client the on-brand experience they expect by receiving it from your email address, and also adds the event directly to your connected Outlook or Google calendar.  

We also send SMS notifications, reminder emails and much more with zero human intervention needed. No more manual meeting creation, double checking everything is correct before clicking send. It's all done for you, seamlessly!

3. Impress Clients

On-brand Booking pages A straightforward, visually appealing page that gives your clients the quick, immediate action they are looking to take. Give them the same experience they are used to when dealing with larger software companies like AirBNB, Uber, Amazon. Except it looks and feels like your brand. 

By allowing clients to schedule appointments at their own convenience, you provide a more satisfying and efficient experience. You'd be surprised how many people don't enjoy the thought of having to call you or your office (or worse, receive an expected call from your office) in order to book an appointment. 

Calendafy provides clients with immediate personalised appointment confirmations, with relevant content about that specific appointment type, which makes the experience feel very personalised to them. This immediate response and attention to detail can set you apart from the competition and enhance your reputation.

Bonus: When a client completes their booking via Calendafy, we can immediately redirect their browser to any URL of your choice. Enabling you to take them on journey of your choice, that you create on your website. 

Want to get started?

If you've read this far, you must be curious as to whether you can use Calendafy in your business. Trust us, you can!

Rest assured, you're not alone. Sign up today, and one of our expert team members, will reach out immediately to setup your Calendafy account for you, so you can start increasing conversion rates in your business, saving you and or your team valuable time, and giving your clients that WOW factor!

We can't wait to meet you 🤗

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