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Payments for Appointments

Want to charge for appointments as they are booked?

Calendafy allows you to set up deposits or request full payments for appointments, as clients complete booking. Providing flexibility for both you and your clients.



Simple, Secure Transactions That Enable Your Business to Thrive

Utilise the power of Stripe, one of the world's leading online payment platforms within your booking forms. Calendafy's secure integration with Stripe ensures transactions are simple and safe, giving you and your clients peace of mind throughout the entire payment process.

Stop chasing payments, or qualifying whether someone is a legitimate customer who actually wants your services and reduce no-shows with Calendafy Payments.  

Single Source of Truth

Stripe acts as a central hub and single source of truth for all your appointment payment transactions.

Whether clients pay deposits, make full payments, or pay for additional services, all the information is stored within Stripe's platform. This centralisation simplifies the process of tracking and managing your revenue.


Integrated to Improve Operational Efficiency

Calendafy Payments seamlessly integrates with our Appointment Scheduling system, providing a unified platform for managing Stripe appointments and payments.

Adding services and payment types to an appointment takes seconds in Calendafy.

This integration allows you to automate appointments, reminders, and payments all in one place, improving overall operational efficiency in your business immediately.

Integrated with Accounting Software 

Stripe integrates seamlessly with various accounting software platforms like Xero and MYOB. By connecting your Stripe account to your preferred accounting system, you can automate the transfer of financial data whilst staying compliant with all accounting practices.

Reduce No-Show Rates

By requiring payments upfront, Calendafy helps minimise no-shows and in some cases has seen them eliminated altogether.

Clients are more committed when they've invested in the appointment ahead of time. With our reminder notifications, they'll show up, on time helping you with a more reliable schedule.

Remove Repititve Admin

Save on the unneccesary time and effort you currently spend on administrative tasks that could be automated with Calendafy. With payments and reporting integrated directly into the booking process, you can focus on providing excellent service rather than managing transactions separately.

Other Popular Features


QR Codes

Want to run outdoor marketing campaigns that convert?

Calendafy's QR Codes allow you to easily add unique QR Codes to all your physical marketing material. With QR codes for individual appointment types, all business appointments, or certain users, you can tailor your marketing campaigns to convert to booked appointments.