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Custom Branded Booking Pages

Elevate Your Brand today!

Custom Branded Booking Pages designed to elevate your brand image and make booking appointments a seamless extension of your brand identity. 

Calendafy Appointment scheduling On Brand Booking Page

When it Comes To Branding, Consistency is Key.

Our Custom Branded Booking Pages provide you with the opportunity to integrate your logo, colors, and overall brand aesthetics into every interaction.

Imagine your clients encountering a booking page that feels like an extension of your website – building trust and recognition from the get-go.

Logo Upload
Consistent Branding

Brand Folder

Upload images and content that matches your brand image and tone of voice.

Give your clients a seamless, on-brand experience when transitioning from your digital or physical marketing material directly to your on brand booking page.

Unique URLs to Match brand image 

In a digital world where first impressions matter more than ever, every touchpoint with your audience becomes an opportunity to showcase your brand's identity.

One often overlooked but powerful way to leave a lasting impression is through unique URLs tailored to match your brand.

Custom URLs for each type of booking page, appointment/event type and staff member. 



Brand Consistency

Whether clients are visiting your website, engaging on social media, or booking appointments, the consistent branding builds a unified and recognisable brand.

Competitive Edge

In a crowded market, having branded booking pages sets you apart from competitors and positions you as a brand that values its identity. Leading to increased brand value.

Client Experience

A consistent and visually appealing booking experience demonstrates your commitment to providing a seamless digital experience for your clients.

Other Popular Features

Copy of Calendafy’s Advanced Forms (400 x 325 px)


Need to qualify or gather more information from your clients prior to them booking an appointment? Easily capture all the information you need from your customers.

Tailor your forms to suit your business. With free text questions, single and multi-choice dropdowns menus, you'll gather all the information you need from your attendees.