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Automate Student Admission Appointment Scheduling

Optimise Student Admission Interviews, Increase Student Enquiries and Improve Student Experiences with Calendafy. The future of Higher Education admission processes.

Students in 2024 expect the same experience with your Higher Education Institution that they are used to when interacting with billion dollar software companies they order food and transportation from. 

However, you don't have the ability to give them what they want immediately due to the lack of resources and the fixed amount of time in a day. In Higher Education this year, every moment is critical.

Calendafy has emerged as a game-changer, transforming the student admission process with its Smart Appointment Scheduling Software Solutions. Explore how this powerful tool can significantly enhance your institution's efficiency, improve the student experience, and contribute to a substantial increase in admission enquiries when integrated with your marketing efforts.

Effortless Scheduling Anytime, Anywhere

Calendafy seamlessly integrates with the tools you already use, including Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, GoogleMeet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. Whether your prospective students are commuting or relaxing, you can effortlessly share personalised appointment links through your website, social media, newsletters, email signatures, and other digital platforms. Fro physical marketing material, you can also download Calendafy QR codes to appointments for your flyers, brochures or signs across campus or at student days.

Streamlining Candidate Interviews for Recruitment Teams

Time is of the essence for recruitment teams and students alike. Calendafy helps you reclaim precious hours by automating appointment scheduling, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails or playing phone tag with students. Spend more time engaging with prospective students and less time on administrative tasks, ultimately providing a more personalised and effective admission process for both students and internal staff.

Powerful Features Tailored for Higher Education

📆 Calendar Integrations: Send customised calendar invitations directly from your team members email address, to ensure your students recognise the email, complete with online meeting links and customisable content like PDF brochures or directions to the campus.


🔔 Automated Reminders: Reduce no-shows and last-minute rescheduling from students with automated SMS and email notifications, allowing for more touch points from your institution without the typical manual effort required from your team.


🔂 Buffer Times: Allocate preparation and follow-up time with buffer periods before and after appointments. Giving your team members the time to focus on learning about the student prior to the appointment, and having the blocked out time to follow up with relevant content after the appoitment, based on the conversation with the student.

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🌐 Timezone Detection: Calendafy automatically detects attendees' time zones, preventing scheduling errors with international students as well as regional students who may be in a different timezone. Untitled design (3)

Website Embed: Seamlessly embed appointments on your website, newsletters, or email signatures for a unified experience across all your digital touches with students. Add to Student Portals for easy and simple bookings, where the students are. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 5.48.25 pm

Branded Booking Pages: Customise your booking page with logos, your university,  college or higher education's institutions information, and a unique URL that reflects your educational institute's identity.

On Brand Booking Page

QR Codes: Increase conversion rates from your physical marketing material with Calendafy QR Codes. Allow prospective students to effortlessly schedule appointments directly from brochures, event banners, and other promotional materials, maximising conversion rates.


Embrace the future of Higher Education admission processes with Calendafy

We understand the unique needs of Higher Education and at Calendafy we have a mission to be the most customer friendly software company in the world. Let us fulfil our vision and help your university, college or higher education institution automate appointment scheduling today. 


Improve student experience, increase revenue, and save costs by streamlining interview scheduling.

Transform your students admission process, one appointment at a time, with Calendafy. Get started today to witness a potential surge of up to 42% in student admission enquiries for 2024.

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